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1. Project Management
Contact with the client. The following questions are defined:
What is the project scope/purpose?
What is your project target/who is the project intended to?
What is the jargon / terminology defining this project??
Turn-around date

Thus, the CT staff knows what you are expecting from the document.

2. The project manager divides the document and assigns it to the number of translators necessary to meet the deadline.
(IE: A 120-page document that needs to be delivered in 3 business days: 3 translators per day.)

3. The project manager oversees the work progress, observing the following aspects:
Ensures that style and terminology meet the standards.
Translated version appeals to the target.
That any brand and product names are respected, as specified by the client.

4. The project manager puts together all segments and creates the turn-around document, verifying:
That all standards established for the project (as requested by the Client) are met.
Style and terminology.
That the idea is conveyed appropriately in the translated version of the document.

5. Turn-around

Project Management Diagram:

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